Mindful Fashion launches Sustainability Insights Report 2021

Mindful Fashion NZ releases its inaugural Sustainability Insights Report, an industry first for New Zealand. The report demonstrates the collective progress being made in the NZ fashion industry and presents a path forward for positive sustainability action.

Mindful Fashion NZ partner with Raw Assembly for educational series

Mindful Fashion New Zealand recently partnered with Raw Assembly Australia to create a five part education series that unpacks the complexities of standards and certifications in the fashion and textile industry.

How Mindful Fashion Is Guiding The Local Fashion Industry

How Mindful Fashion NZ Is Guiding The Local Fashion Industry Through An Unprecedented Year Fashion designers Kate Sylvester and Emily Miller-Sharma share what's next for their passion project

Discover New

Mindful Fashion and some of our fashion brand members recently took part in the NZTE sponsored Discover New, a pop up retail experience at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne (in between lock downs!). Discover New was a tactile introduction to contemporary and sustainably led New Zealand design.

A No-BS Guide To Sustainability

With the fashion industry accounting for almost 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater, it’s time that consumers start to lead the way with our dollars. Our Programme Director, Jacinta FitzGerald sat down with Messy Veggies to create this no-BS guide for shoppers.

Mindful Fashion AGM

Mindful Fashion and members from across the country were joined by central Auckland MP Chloe Swarbrick and industry stakeholders at its AGM in April. We also had a surprise guest appearance from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern!