Expert tips: How to shop for clothes that last

September 2023

How to shop for clothes that last

In today's increasingly conscious consumer landscape, the concept of shopping responsibly has gained significant importance. This article by One News delves into the key principles and practices of responsible shopping, shedding light on how consumers can make informed choices that benefit their budget, the environment and the community.

Mindful Fashion was honoured to be asked for comment on the important issue of how to mindfully shop for clothes. Our Chief Executive Jacinta FitzGerald highlights some key choices people can make in Aotearoa when looking for something new to wear.

  • "Regardless of budget, investing in clothing that you see yourself putting on time and time again is important."

Jacinta also recommends shopping locally wherever possible, stressing the importance of supporting the local industry with your purchasing decisions.

  • "We have some incredible local businesses with best-practice processes and an industry with provenance at its heart, and you are supporting local jobs and the local economy.”

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Image: Fair Go