This is the Way! Climate Action in NZ's Fashion Industry

October 2023

Thanks Kia Ora Magazine for spotlighting our Climate Action Toolkit in your October issue! We developed the toolkit specifically for SMEs earlier this year after running a successful pilot programme that supported 10 of our members on the journey to measure their emissions and develop reduction strategies. The toolkit provides guidance and tools for businesses to build internal capacity and includes real world examples, targeted reduction strategies and tips from other businesses on how to get started.

This is the way

Fast fashion is routinely lambasted for its climate and environmental performance – and justifiably so. But the broader fashion and textile sector in this country is not sitting on its hands.

In May, industry organisation Mindful Fashion New Zealand launched a Climate Action Toolkit that includes guides and tools to support local businesses on their decarbonisation journey. Informed by a 2022 pilot programme that included 10 New Zealand companies, the toolkit addresses the capability gap for what tend to be small firms with limited internal resources, and identifies obvious areas to target. (The pilot programme showed that freight accounts for more than 70 percent of emissions).

“We’ve developed step-by-step guidance about where they can go to get this piece of freight information, or this bit of data about business travel, or whatever it is they need,” says Mindful Fashion chief executive Jacinta FitzGerald, who adds that there’s no shortage of willingness to tackle decarbonisation, with 91 percent of members identifying it as their biggest issue.

Check out our Toolkit here.

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