Who can become a member of Mindful Fashion?

Membership is open to all members of New Zealand’s clothing and textile community whose values and actions align with the Mindful Fashion mission. Our members come from across the value chain, including designers, fibre, yarn and textile suppliers, makers and manufacturers, cutters, embroiderers, trim suppliers and more. If you’re active in the supply chain we would love you to join.

What is the Mindful Fashion Code of Conduct?

The MFNZ Code of Conduct sets out baseline standards of responsible business practice for the industry. The standards cover business ethics, human and labour rights and environmental stewardship. All our members are expected to adopt the Code for their businesses (or an equivalent).

Will there be a verification process against the Code?

While we do not see Mindful Fashion's role at this point as monitors of compliance with the Code, we know verification of the Code through the supply chain is important. We plan to engage with members early in 2021, to determine the best way to address this.

Will MFNZ undertake due diligence and / or audits?

MFNZ are developing due diligence guidelines for members, including implementing the Code, undertaking due diligence in their supply chains, and guidance and tools on meeting the standards.

Do I need to give MFNZ the names of my suppliers?

Mindful Fashion asks new members to share their local supplier list, in the efforts of transparency and to avoid Code fatigue with CMTs - to make sure local suppliers are not inundated with multiple versions of the same Code to sign. A local supplier only needs to sign this once. Once you become a member, you may find that many of your suppliers have already signed the MFNZ Code.

Are members expected to make sure their subcontractors and suppliers meet the standards in the MFNZ Code of Conduct?

Members are expected to ​communicate​ the standards in the MFNZ Code of Conduct to their suppliers and subcontractors, and ask for them to sign this document, or provide evidence of a similar commitment they may have in place. When they sign the Code, the supplier or subcontractor is making a commitment for their own business to work to meet these standards. Members are not responsible for the way their subcontractors operate their own businesses, but they are responsible for communicating the standards they expect which are outlined in the Code.

Some suppliers may have other Codes of Conduct, certifications, or standards in place, especially if they operate off-shore. MFNZ accepts Codes, certifications and standards that are equivalent in standard.

How can I get in touch and give feedback?

We welcome feedback on our program and process, and understand that it is a continuously evolving process. We are constantly refining and developing this program and are open to any constructive suggestions. Please email to ​[email protected]​ with ‘Feedback’ in the subject line.