Mindful Fashion supports call for Modern Slavery Act

Mindful Fashion has continued to support calls for Modern Slavery legislation in New Zealand, and has signed an open letter to the new NZ Government urging it to continue the push to introduce Modern Slavery legislation into NZ law.

The decision to delay modern slavery legislation affects everyone, from the beginning of the supply chain to the end consumer. Urgent action is needed. In July 2023, the Labour government announced its plan to draft a modern slavery disclosure law, requiring companies earning more than $20 million a year in revenue to publicly disclose and address the risks of modern slavery within their supply chains. This open letter asks once again that the National-led coalition government make urgent progress on this issue.

No matter how ambitious businesses are regarding Modern Slavery, without government support and substantial changes in legislation, the pace for all businesses and the industry overall will be too slow.

Despite the clear need for a Modern Slavery Act, the New Zealand government's response has been slow. This means our political leaders and industry champions need to get serious about their critical role in enabling the Modern Slavery Act.

The fight against modern slavery isn't just in the hands of our government leaders; it's also in the businesses and industries. We acknowledge that many people and organisations have worked hard together on this issue to date, to get us this far, but our industry must renew the pressure on our new government to make it happen.

Fair&Good have prepared the open letter urging the NZ Government to continue the push for introducing Modern Slavery Legislation into NZ law.

We encourage you to support this initiative and help reach the 10,000 signatures needed.

Find out more and sign the Open Letter to The NZ Government to Take Action On Modern Slavery Legislation here.