Thread of Tomorrow

On Monday May 6th 2024 Mindful Fashion New Zealand launched its landmark Industry value report, Threads of Tomorrow - Crafting the future of Aotearoa's fashion, clothing and textile Industry, produced by EY New Zealand.

Over 120 members of the industry, alongside key stakeholders attended the launch, where guest speakers including Minister Nicola Grigg; Pip Best, Partner EY NZ; Juliette Hogan, MFNZ Board Chair; and Jacinta FitzGerald, MFNZ CE spoke.

The report highlights for the first time the industry's significant value and contribution to New Zealand, its great potential to contribute to the country's future prosperity and charts a course for the industry to reach a thriving and circular future.

  • $7.8b to the economy in 2023
  • 1.9% of GDP - contributing more to GDP than supermarkets and specialty foods, more than building construction
  • 76,000 workers employed, and $4.4b paid in wages
  • 78% female workforce shows women's economic advancement intrinsically linked to industry

Threads of Tomorrow tells a compelling story. More than fashion, it's a story about an industry, about businesses, about people.

It shows the industry is a core pillar of New Zealand's creative and commercial economy and is made up of a complex ecosystem of textiles, design, manufacturing, retailing, education and media. It is an industry that brings together creatives, makers, innovators, technicians and storytellers.

The report shows the industry has significant value, it recommends opportunities to address industry challenges and grow the industry's contribution to NZ, and it puts forward a bold vision for the industry to collectively work towards - a thriving and circular future.

15 recommendations across 4 action areas are proposed.

Economic Contribution

Employment Contribution

Women are integral to success

"With a clear roadmap for the future laid out in the report, Mindful Fashion NZ is calling on the government to engage with the industry on the recommendations, which have significant potential to stimulate economic activity, boost the sector’s contribution to the country, and demonstrate the wider benefits a thriving industry can bring."

Jacinta FitzGerald | Chief Executive MFNZ


"The Industry in Aotearoa is at a critical turning point.What is clear is that to successfully transform the industry, we all need to work together. No organisation alone can change the system, but by working together we can create an industry that's future focused and that we're all proud to be part of."

Juliette Hogan | Business Owner and MFNZ Board Chair