A No-BS Guide To Sustainability

With the fashion industry accounting for almost 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater, it’s time that consumers start to lead the way with our dollars. Our Programme Director, Jacinta FitzGerald sat down with Messy Veggies to create this no-BS guide for shoppers.

Mindful Fashion AGM

Mindful Fashion and members from across the country were joined by central Auckland MP Chloe Swarbrick and industry stakeholders at its AGM in April. We also had a surprise guest appearance from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern!

The Power of Collaboration

Mike Barry, UK Sustainable Business leader is an advocate for the fashion industry to reform on itself sustainability. We spoke to him for a recent member’s workshop, and he shared some valuable insight into the power of industry-wide collaboration to make positive change happen.

Where To From Here?

Jacinta FitzGerald, programme director of Mindful Fashion New Zealand, reflects on fashion’s most unforeseeable year and ponders, what’s next for sustainability? This article originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly’s Spring/Summer 2020 relaunch edition.

MFNZ's first ever Programme Director

Mindful Fashion New Zealand has announced its appointment of their first Programme Director, Jacinta FitzGerald, who will drive the strategy MFNZ whilst also being an advocate for the New Zealand fashion industry.

There are just no young people: New Zealand clothing manufacturers sound alarm

You could say Gary Fernandez is something of an endangered species. The 71-year-old fabric cutter is among the last of his kind, a specialist in the New Zealand fashion manufacturing industry that is under threat of disappearing as cheap fast fashion swamps the market.