There are just no young people: New Zealand clothing manufacturers sound alarm

You could say Gary Fernandez is something of an endangered species. The 71-year-old fabric cutter is among the last of his kind, a specialist in the New Zealand fashion manufacturing industry that is under threat of disappearing as cheap fast fashion swamps the market.

Best foot forward - New Zealand Fashion businesses are leading a global shift

For many established brands, becoming a sustainable business – environmentally, socially and culturally – requires a fresh perspective. Business Desk reports they would do well to look to the New Zealand fashion industry.

How important is Made In NZ to you?

One positive to come out of 2020 was New Zealanders celebrating local more than ever before. Supporting local brands, local creativity, local craft and manufacturing. Kate Sylvester writes why it’s so critical the NZ industry comes together to address its challenges.

Mindful Local Fashion Collective launches

Sustainability and ethical fashion are increasingly hot topics of conversation with industry and consumers alike. Mindful Fashion New Zealand is pushing for this vital change, by using the collective power of New Zealand industry to address common challenges and seize new opportunities.

New Zealand labels join forces to overhaul fashion industry's ethical standards

Sustainable, transparent and ethical are three words that don't often come to mind when buying clothing. Mindful Fashion speaks to Newshub Late's Wilhelmina Shrimpton about how New Zealand brands are tackling the issue as a collective.

Kiwi fashion brands band together to create an ethical code of conduct

Kate Sylvester talks with Jesse Mulligan about industry collective Mindful Fashion New Zealand.