Industry Recruitment - Reflections and Areas of Growth

Julie Malone from Apparel HR reflects on recruitment in the industry for 2020-21, highlighting the roles and skills that are in demand for 2022 and beyond, where the growth areas are and what employers are looking for.

No repeating the cycle

New Zealand is not immune to the environmental and social impacts created by the fashion industry. Sonia Yee from New Zealand Institute of Directors looks at the role of Boards in addressing Aotearoa's Fashion Industry challenges.

Mindful Fashion AGM 2022

Mindful Fashion was joined by members and partners from across the country for its AGM in April 2022. We announced new projects and were entertained and challenged by guest speaker Kate Hall!

Mindful Fashion launches Sustainability Insights Report 2021

Mindful Fashion NZ releases its inaugural Sustainability Insights Report, an industry first for New Zealand. The report demonstrates the collective progress being made in the NZ fashion industry and presents a path forward for positive sustainability action.

Mindful Fashion NZ partner with Raw Assembly for educational series

Mindful Fashion New Zealand recently partnered with Raw Assembly Australia to create a five part education series that unpacks the complexities of standards and certifications in the fashion and textile industry.

How Mindful Fashion Is Guiding The Local Fashion Industry

How Mindful Fashion NZ Is Guiding The Local Fashion Industry Through An Unprecedented Year Fashion designers Kate Sylvester and Emily Miller-Sharma share what's next for their passion project

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Discover New

Mindful Fashion and some of our fashion brand members recently took part in the NZTE sponsored Discover New, a pop up retail experience at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne (in between lock downs!). Discover New was a tactile introduction to contemporary and sustainably led New Zealand design.

A No-BS Guide To Sustainability

With the fashion industry accounting for almost 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater, it’s time that consumers start to lead the way with our dollars. Our Programme Director, Jacinta FitzGerald sat down with Messy Veggies to create this no-BS guide for shoppers.

Mindful Fashion AGM

Mindful Fashion and members from across the country were joined by central Auckland MP Chloe Swarbrick and industry stakeholders at its AGM in April. We also had a surprise guest appearance from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern!

Mindful Fashion Full-Circle T shirt

Mindful Fashion and three leading New Zealand designers have collaborated to develop a full-circle T-shirt, to showcase a circular and sustainable future for the industry.

The Power of Collaboration

Mike Barry, UK Sustainable Business leader is an advocate for the fashion industry to reform on itself sustainability. We spoke to him for a recent member’s workshop, and he shared some valuable insight into the power of industry-wide collaboration to make positive change happen.

Where To From Here?

Jacinta FitzGerald, programme director of Mindful Fashion New Zealand, reflects on fashion’s most unforeseeable year and ponders, what’s next for sustainability? This article originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly’s Spring/Summer 2020 relaunch edition.

MFNZ's first ever Programme Director

Mindful Fashion New Zealand has announced its appointment of their first Programme Director, Jacinta FitzGerald, who will drive the strategy MFNZ whilst also being an advocate for the New Zealand fashion industry.

There are just no young people: New Zealand clothing manufacturers sound alarm

You could say Gary Fernandez is something of an endangered species. The 71-year-old fabric cutter is among the last of his kind, a specialist in the New Zealand fashion manufacturing industry that is under threat of disappearing as cheap fast fashion swamps the market.

Best foot forward - New Zealand Fashion businesses are leading a global shift

For many established brands, becoming a sustainable business – environmentally, socially and culturally – requires a fresh perspective. Business Desk reports they would do well to look to the New Zealand fashion industry.

How important is Made In NZ to you?

One positive to come out of 2020 was New Zealanders celebrating local more than ever before. Supporting local brands, local creativity, local craft and manufacturing. Kate Sylvester writes why it’s so critical the NZ industry comes together to address its challenges.

Mindful Local Fashion Collective launches

Sustainability and ethical fashion are increasingly hot topics of conversation with industry and consumers alike. Mindful Fashion New Zealand is pushing for this vital change, by using the collective power of New Zealand industry to address common challenges and seize new opportunities.

New Zealand labels join forces to overhaul fashion industry's ethical standards

Sustainable, transparent and ethical are three words that don't often come to mind when buying clothing. Mindful Fashion speaks to Newshub Late's Wilhelmina Shrimpton about how New Zealand brands are tackling the issue as a collective.

Kiwi fashion brands band together to create an ethical code of conduct

Kate Sylvester talks with Jesse Mulligan about industry collective Mindful Fashion New Zealand.

The latest way to buy Conscious Clothing in New Zealand

It’s not always easy to know if we are making ethical choices at the till. Mindful Fashion hopes to help consumers make informed choices about buying local designs.

Open letter to Fashion Designers

Where we started: Read Mindful Fashion's original call to action to the industry