Viva x Mindful Fashion video series Behind The Seams

We are proud to launch our new collaboration with Viva, the video series Behind The Seams: What It's really like to work in fashion.

In our first episode, we talk to Casey Reid, the digital marketing manager at fashion label Juliette Hogan. This role is fast becoming increasingly pivotal in the success of any fashion brand right now navigating our digital world.

How to effectively and authentically communicate a brand’s values and the quality of its garments is an essential component of the e-commerce and digital experience, with Casey at the forefront of making that happen for one of the country’s leading fashion labels.

Watch Episode One here of Behind The Seams.

The series is directed by Britt Walton.

Mindful Fashion together with the Viva fashion department pulls the curtains and takes a closer look at the often overlooked roles in the fashion industry, and what it’s really like to work for some of the country’s leading fashion brands.⁠

For those interested in the day-to-day reality of working in fashion or to gain a better insight into career pathways, the series will highlight the diverse array of skills and roles that make our local fashion industry unique.⁠

From the design room to the local makers to the retail floor, there is a broad range of roles that contribute to our thriving industry. The series will illuminate some of these roles with insightful profile interviews, helping all of us understand more about how the many hands that contribute to bringing our clothes to life, along with spotlighting career pathways for those interested in working in the industry.⁠

See more about Casey's role here and explore other roles in the industry through the Mindful Fashion Role Library.