Waste Not, Want Not

Circular Design Editorial Award winner William Fitzgerald is interviewed by Madeleine Crutchley in this weeks Viva, sharing the inspiration and concept behind his Award winning entry.

William took up the challenge we put out to designers in 2023, to reimagine the current linear cycle of the fashion industry using the dual lens of Aotearoa's unique place in the world and the principles of a circular economy, and find innovative ways to keep textiles in use.

Every year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn and thrown away with more than 85% not finding their way into any sort of recycling system. We developed the Mindful Fashion Circular Design Award to tackle this, asking how might we redesign products, services and business models so there is no waste?

Inaugural Circular Design Award, Editorial Award winner William Fitzgerald explores this concept, and challenging the mindset of what we view as waste. William’s design utilises three shoddy furniture removal blankets which are made entirely of waste materials and infinitely recyclable. William worked with the properties of the fabric to create his design. Having a high wool percentage, shoddy carries the beneficial properties of the fibre; water absorbent, antimicrobial, insulating, robust. Read more about how William is challenging mindsets and uncover all the 2023 finalists in Viva Premium this week.

We are excited to be working on the evolution of the Awards for 2024! More details to be announced soon.

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