Journey to Excellence - M2 Woman

Thanks to M2woman Magazine and Craigs Investment Partners for inviting our CE Jacinta FitzGerald to speak on New Ways of Creating Sustainable Industries at the M2 Journey to Excellence forum last October.

Jacinta shared insights and challenges from the fashion industry and spoke about the work we are doing at Mindful Fashion New Zealand to tackle some of the industry's biggest issues.

Jacinta spoke about the need for change and the steps that individuals, organisations, and governments must take to make it happen.

The fashion industry is at a turning point. It has long been criticised for its negative impact on the environment, but now there is hope for a more sustainable and regenerative future through collaboration.

"Everyone has a role to play in creating a sustainable fashion ecosystem. This future is no longer a distant utopian vision, but something that needs to be built now. It requires investing in traceable supply chains, renewable energy, and people".

As the CEO of an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, FitzGerald has witnessed firsthand the impact that can be made by addressing key areas of concern. However, she believes that the current status quo is not enough. There needs to be better communication and understanding of the value of sustainable practices.

One of the key messages from FitzGerald’s speech was the need to integrate sustainability into the core of a business strategy.

For leading businesses, sustainability is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of their operations. By making sustainability a priority, these businesses can drive change within their industry and set a clear direction for others to follow.

FitzGerald acknowledged that making sustainable choices is not always easy. It requires making hard decisions that may disrupt existing practices. However, she urged individuals and businesses to consider the wider impact of their actions. Even small actions can contribute to a groundswell of change that can transform an entire industry.

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