Industry Value & Sustainable Pathways Report

We’re excited to announce the Economic and Sustainability Impact Report EY is producing on behalf of New Zealand's clothing and textile industry, and how you can get involved. This landmark report will represent the entire industry in Aotearoa from design to materials, manufacture and workwear through to retail and education

  • Are you a member of NZ’s clothing and textile industry? If so, we need your help!
  • We are working with EY NZ to produce an Industry Value and Sustainable Pathways report.
  • We want to build a picture of the fashion and textile industry in New Zealand, measure its economic and employment value and chart a course for the future.
  • Have your say. Your contribution is critical to ensure what's produced represents the voice of our industry.
  • You can get involved by completing the survey that EY NZ is undertaking, and if you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Have your say here

** Mindful Fashion is circulating the survey on behalf of EY NZ, and has no access to any survey responses.

Our industry is significant in this country, worth billions and employing tens of thousands. We innovate, create, and contribute significantly to the value of Aotearoa. However, this contribution is not always understood.

This report will measure the economic and employment contribution of the industry, identify key challenges and opportunities, and lay out pathways for sustainable economic development. We want to create a platform that celebrates the social, cultural, environmental and economic value of the industry and identify areas to engage government and policymakers on our future.