Issues with Fast Fashion and Textile waste in New Zealand

Thanks to TVNZ Breakfast for having our Chief Executive Jacinta FitzGerald on the show to talk about the challenges with fast fashion, how we need to move to a more circular system for clothing, some of the solutions we have here in NZ and why supporting local businesses tackling these issues is important. This is what we are working towards at Mindful Fashion New Zealand.

Textile waste is an enormous issue in New Zealand, and this was illustrated well on TVNZs Sunday this week by Ingrid Cronin-Knight from Waste Management NZ. Ingrid told us that Redvale landfill in Auckland receives an estimated 70 truckloads of textile waste - each week!

It's great to see mainstream media spotlighting this issue. Earlier in March, TVNZ Sunday reported that fast fashion contributes to environmental pollution and labour exploitation while encouraging overconsumption and poor-quality clothing, and interviewed Mindful Fashion member Little Yellow Bird's Samantha Jones about the work it does to combat clothing waste.

Watch TVNZ Breakfast here.