Tax Management New Zealand’s Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation invests back into NZ.

Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation shares our vision of a thriving Aotearoa for people, nature and business. It recognises that as the only industry body for the sector in Aotearoa, Mindful Fashion is uniquely positioned to drive the collaboration required to build a sustainable and thriving future for our fashion and textiles. We are proud to have the support of Whakatupu to help bring our vision to life.

In this impact story Whakatupu discuss the reasons for partnering with Mindful Fashion and the impact that the partnership is working to create.

“In New Zealand, approximately 45,000 tonnes of apparel is sent to landfill every year, made up of a whole range of clothing from different sources. That’s a lot of textile waste and it’s a problem because we know it releases a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions as it breaks down. Mindful Fashion has over 80 members who all believe in a more sustainable future for the industry. But, we’ve got a bigger problem in that we don’t, at a country level, have a system to deal with textile waste. This is something we are talking to the Government about addressing at a national level. ” Jacinta FitzGerald, Programme Director – Mindful Fashion, speaking on Radio New Zealand

“As consumers we’re buying more clothes than ever and wearing them less than ever, and the industry is feeding these habits. So, the challenge is both to change buyer behaviour and disrupt the industry – because this can’t go on,” says Yii Petrus, Programme Director for Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation.

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