A No-BS Guide To Sustainability

With the fashion industry accounting for up to 10% of global carbon emissions, and purportedly 20% of wastewater pollution, it’s time that for us as consumers to lead the way with our dollars. Clothing and fashion, in general, have such complex supply chains that it can be difficult to understand whether a brand is in fact sustainable.

Our Programme Director Jacinta FitzGerald gave Messy Veggies a no-BS guide to sustainability in the fashion industry.

As consumers we play an active role in changing the status quo through our decisions!

Jacinta's advice for how to shop more mindfully:

  • Be mindful in your choices.
  • Always look beyond the marketing language, and dig deeper into what is really happening, how the company operates and what values they have. Are they walking the talk?
  • Choose brands that are honest and open about their challenges and are working to address them.
  • Consider the full lifecycle of your purchase. Favour brands that offer take-back or use resale programs to ensure that your pieces have a journey beyond their time with you.

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