Bin should be last resort for clothing waste - Mindful Fashion

Thanks to Radio New Zealand for helping us shine a light on the issue of textile waste in New Zealand. We need to address this at a systems level here, starting with awareness and education.

It was great to hear from our Programme Director Jacinta FitzGerald on RNZ’s Check Point highlighting the importance of working toward a more sustainable sector.

Around 45,000 tonnes of clothing is sent to landfill in NZ each year” Where It produces a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions as it breaks down.

Clothing is a valuable resource that should be used for as long as possible, only when it is no longer usable should we look at capturing that valuable resource and turning it into something that can be used again.

Thank you to all our partners and members supporting our work to bring about a system change in Aotearoa.

Listen to the conversation here.