Wynn Hamlyn x Mindful Fashion White T

NZD $139.00

The Mindful Fashion x Wynn Hamlyn full circle t-shirt highlights how through collaboration, the fashion industry can find shared solutions to sustainability challenges. Our circular t-shirt is made from organic cotton, which is grown and produced in a certified supply chain. The t-shirts are manufactured, printed and finished in NZ with a pathway to be recycled back into new fibre at the end of their long and cherished life.

Wynn’s design is an interpretation of the garden of eden.

All proceeds from the full-circle t-shirt go towards supporting sustainable fashion development for the NZ clothing and textile industry.

- Classic boxy shape
- Made from certified organic cotton
- Fabric manufactured in Australia
- Garment manufactured, printed and pressed in NZ
- Read the provenance journey here

Care, repair and cherish your t-shirt
At the end of its long life, return it to us for recycling

Gentle cool hand wash

Darya is 5’10 and wears a size S

MFNZ designer t-shirt

The Mindful Fashion full-circle t-shirt showcases the power of collective action to address shared industry challenges.

Kate Sylvester, Wynn Hamlyn and Rachel & Anjali from Twenty Seven Names have created three beautiful t-shirt prints, and with the help of many other hands in the local clothing manufacturing industry, these t-shirts have come to life.

We want you to love and cherish your t-shirt, and make sure it has a long life. When it’s no longer wearable or repairable, send it back to us. Through a partnership with NZ company Little Yellow Bird, we will facilitate recycling these t-shirts back into new fibres for a new lease of life.