Loveblock | Grown with Love, Made with Care

Mindful Fashion's Sustainability Spotlights showcase initiatives from our community and members that advance circular and sustainable business.

Through the Mindful Fashion Circular Design Awards, we partner with aligned businesses to help bring the Awards to life.

Circular Design Award 2023 partner Loveblock is dedicated to organic grape growing and sustainable winemaking methods which aligns with our principles of circular and sustainable business.


The philosophy of owners Kim and Erica Crawford is based on the principles of leaving the land in a better way than when they started. At Loveblock they do this by removing chemicals and additives throughout the process, and reducing emissions from production and transport, resulting in quality wine that is true to its terroir that has less impact on the land and the grapes.

Principles of Loveblock’s sustainable approach to business.

Organic Farming

Loveblock considers sustainability holistically across the business from soil to bottle, and organic farming is at the heart of its approach.

Loveblock is Certified Organic (Biogro), and accredited Sustainable (NZ Winegrowers Sustainable System).


Healthy soil is essential for healthy vines. Cover crops are planted between vine rows at Loveblock to provide nutrients, manage vine growth, attract beneficial insects, and avoid erosion. To build organic matter in the soil, Loveblock also utilises compost, which includes grape pomace reclaimed from the winery. Compost offers a healthy environment in which nutrients may be held and maintained in the soil, as well as water may be absorbed and held.


Loveblock’s vineyards operate on a closed-loop system, meaning the business uses what it has available and minimises what is brought in. For instance, broken vineyard posts are repurposed to serve as general farm posts or reused for other purposes.

Grow guards protect young vines from the elements and until recently, plastic guards were most commonly used. Now Loveblock removes old and damaged wire from the guards so that it can be recycled and has since moved to sturdy cardboard guards which are easily recyclable.


Many advances have been made in fuel and carbon-efficient farming equipment. Loveblock has invested in modern tractors that are not only carbon and fuel-efficient, they also provide comfort and maximum protection to the driver who spends many hours in the seat.

Heavy bottles have traditionally been viewed as an indicator of wine quality, whether real or perceived, and are mostly imported.

Loveblock has designed a much lighter bottle that is made locally here in NZ from 68% recycled glass. It requires less packaging material, and using a NZ made bottle eliminates the emissions generated from freighting empty bottles across the ocean, resulting in carbon savings of around 15% for a bottle of Loveblock wine.

Proud partner

Loveblock shares Mindful Fashion's values of sustainability with an holistic circular approach to business, and we are proud they are a partner of the Mindful Fashion Circular Design Award 2023.