Standards and Certifications - Traceability

Dec 10, 2021

Mindful Fashion New Zealand, in partnership with Raw Assembly Australia presents a 5-part information series on Certifications and Standards for fibres, materials and textile products.

Session #4 - Traceability

The session focuses on traceability, best practice in the supply chain and importance of full life cycle impact data to access sustainability and circularity of fibres and of course high quality products.

Hear from industry leaders Fibretrace, Icebreaker and Suedwolle Group about the unique way their businesses tackle these challenges.

Watch the recorded session here.


Kara Hurry - Chief Marketing Officer | FibreTrace

FibreTrace is the world's most advanced traceability solution providing real-time and accurate verification of raw fibres across global supply chains including recycle, reuse or rebirth. Combined with the power of a Fibre Impact Module that provides primary social and environmental data across raw materials and processing stages to prove impact claims and deliver to the bottom line. Every fibre tells a story.

Jordi Beneytoferre - Senior Manager, Global Materials and Sustainability

Jordi is Senior Manager Global Materials and Sustainability at Icebreaker, a VF company. With 13 years experience in sportswear development and innovation within global leading brands (Puma, adidas, icebreaker) Jordi is an Industrial engineer and industrial designer by trade. His vision is for the apparel industry to stop being part of the problem and become an active part of the solution.

A world where petro-chemical synthetics are no longer needed because there are much better natural and renewable alternatives that can deliver the same or better functionality.

A world were every garment can be traced back all the way to the place where the fiber was grown, and to the people who was part of that journey.

Kylee Davis - Sales & Marketing Regional Manager Suedwolle Group

Kylee is the Sales and Marketing Regional Manager for Suedwolle Group, Germany. Suedwolle Group is a family-owned company, which has been producing yarns since 1966. Located in Schwaig, Nuremberg, Germany, they pride themselves on being not just a spinner but a strong partner to their client's businesses. Su╠łedwolle Group creates high-quality yarns produced from worsted wool and other natural and eco-friendly resources for a wide range of end-uses. Dedicated to producing robust and long-lasting products, they offer a wide range of stock supported items allowing for prompt and efficient delivery from 11 warehouses in 8 countries.