Introduction to CLO 3D Design & Sampling to Reduce Waste

Jun 20, 2023  |  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mindful Fashion hosted Helena Steinmann, a digital design expert of Weft Digital NZ who helps New Zealand fashion brands transition to 3D workflows.

Helena ran an online education seminar looking at how software such as CLO3D can help your business improve environmental performance by reducing material waste and saving time and money.

The session looked at:

  • How brands can use CLO3D at different stages of design, sampling, specs, marketing and production.
  • Case studies showing a reduction in time and waste.
  • Realism in digital garments.
  • Customisation for consumers and brand identity.
  • How to get started and Set up costs.
  • Business innovation, and the opportunities of the digital age.

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Helena is passionate about bringing digital fashion into the mainstream for New Zealand fashion brands. Coming from roles in the fashion industry and the 3D industry, Helena offers insights from both sides and a drive to create a more sustainable fashion industry.

Helena has a long-standing interest in interdisciplinary design and streamlining workflows, thus the digitisation of fashion became the natural next move. Helena’s enterprise empowers businesses and individuals to integrate the digital fashion software CLO3D into their studios, offering software training and updating analogue systems.