Introducing the Mindful Fashion Code of Conduct and Charter

Nov 4, 2020  |  4:00 - 5:00 pm

An introduction to Mindful Fashion’s foundational documents for members, defining the shared commitment that sets Mindful Fashion NZ members apart!

The Mindful Fashion NZ Charter outlines our guiding principles as an organisation. It’s our north star.

The Mindful Fashion NZ Code of Conduct sets base level core business standards. All our members are obliged to sign and adopt the Code of Conduct for their businesses (or an equivalent), and we will provide support around implementing this.

We created these documents based on feedback from members and in line with our strategic direction. The Code replaces the Partnership Agreement, however, the substance is essentially the same. The core difference is that each member business is responsible for implementing the Code in their own business. It's not an agreement between businesses, rather a shared set of standards.

The next step is whether and how we support members to independently verify compliance with the code. We will commence work on that in 2021 and more details will follow. Let us know if this is of interest.