Due Diligence in Supply Chains

Sep 26, 2023  |  11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Learn about due diligence in supply chains!

Through this online workshop, we looked into supply chain due diligence for local and global supply chains; what good due diligence looks like; modern slavery risks; and how proposed modern slavery legislation in New Zealand will impact you. The workshop will share practical tips for members on getting started with risk assessments, and available tools for domestic and overseas markets.

What we covered

  • Modern slavery - How legislation and policy will impact NZ businesses
  • Supply chain mapping
  • What good due diligence looks like
  • Getting started on risk assessments
  • Tools to get started
  • An essential part of the Modern Slavery and EU legislation requires companies to remedy cases of exploitation or Modern Slavery. What does that look like?

Guest speaker:

Daniel King | Co-founder | The Nature of Business

Daniel King has 25+ years of business experience working in Multinationals and SMEs. His passion is Human/Labour rights in the supply chain, Modern Slavery and Business Ethics. He has served on the board of Transparency International New Zealand and has conducted human and labour rights audits in Europe and Asia. He has developed systems to meet the UK Modern Slavery and Australian Modern Slavery legislation and has expertise in turning complex legislation and customer requirements into business-speak and developing frameworks and systems to meet these requirements.‚Äč

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