Biomaterials: Opportunities for fashion and textiles in Aotearoa

May 8, 2024  |  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mindful Fashion hosted Scion, a Crown Research Institute, that specialises in research, science and technology development for materials.

Scion is an impact-driven organisation focused on delivering positive environmental, social and economic outcomes for New Zealand. Through science, research, and innovation, it works across sectors with industry, government, and iwi to help lead New Zealand’s transition to a circular bio-economy and achieve a net-zero 2050 and beyond.

Scion joined us to discuss biomaterials and the opportunities in NZ for fashion businesses. Through this session, Scion explored the prospects for biotechnology research and development in New Zealand, how this relates to fashion and textiles, and what is happening in other industries in NZ and globally.

Guest Speaker: Florian Graichen

Dr Florian Graichen is the General Manager for Scion’s Bioproducts, Bioenergy and Biomanufacturing Portfolios. These activities are directed at solving new product and process challenges and opportunities that arise through the transition to a Circular Bioeconomy.

In 2022 Florian was appointed as an Honorary Professor by the University of Waikato in the School of Engineering. Florian is a board member of Packaging New Zealand and the Bioresource Processing Alliance. Florian also represents New Zealand on the Australian New Zealand and Pacific Islands Plastics Pact (ANZPAC) Collective Action Group and is a member of several advisory groups to New Zealand ministers and ministries.