Get Inspired - Raeburn

RÆBURN is a collaborative, creative fashion studio where design meets responsible production, alongside monthly events, discussions and workshops.

Christopher Raeburn established his eponymous brand with responsible and intelligent fashion design at its core. The RÆMADE ethos in particular has pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create distinctive and functional pieces.

The RÆBURN RÆMADE philosophy has its origins in his fascination with military materials and utilitarian clothing. Established in 2009, Christopher’s never-ending ‘archaeological’ discoveries led to his first full collection (AW10 PREPARE) using de-commissioned military stock to create limited edition outerwear for both men and women. From wool field jackets to nylon parachute canopies, each RÆMADE style is produced by meticulously deconstructing the original and reworking the materials into unique and ethical garments.

Get inspired by Christopher Raeburn's approach to circular design and the three pillars of the sustainable brands ethos: ReMADE, ReDUCED, and ReCYCLED.