Get inspired - Biosphere Circulation

Biosphere circulation is a project pioneered by Japanese biotechnology firm Spiber Inc. named after “spider” and “fibre” and is inspired by the unique protein composition of spider silk, and has evolved to include a range of fibres imitating diverse natural properties beyond those initially inspired by spider silk.

Since 2007, Spiber has led the development of Brewed Protein™ materials, a new class of textiles underpinned by lab-grown and plant-based fibres, resins, films and other types of materials achieved through microbial fermentation (brewing). Brands using Spiber’s textile solutions include outerwear brands The North Face in Japan, Pangaia and Goldwin.

It’s a one-of-a-kind venture that sees brands and technologists unite to create a textile ecosystem that not only rethinks how biobased and biodegradable textiles are developed but also considers the opportunity for regenerating fibres at the end of a product’s lifecycle.