2023 Award Winner: OLIVIA SCHAW

The joy of the journey

Winner: Award for Innovation Showing Exciting Commercial Potential

A zero waste design, shining a light on the beginning of a garments life.

The design’s purpose is to pass responsibility to the consumer, and shine a light on the beginning stages of a garments lifecycle, a process often overlooked.

This garment was designed from a single sized vintage bed sheet from a second hand shop. Used household linens are a readily available waste stream, and provide a commercially viable option as they are relatively consistent in size.

The garment is zero-waste, intentionally designed so every part of the vintage sheet is used. The pattern has been developed using simple shapes which can easily be adapted for different body and fabric sizes.

Second hand materials are inconsistent and imperfect, and this character makes the design unique, opposing the mass produced options currently available.

An important part of the design’s concept is sharing how to recreate it, so others can make one for themselves. This will be done through video tutorials and step by step guides.

Growing an understanding of the creation process is intended to grow a respect for why good quality, well made and thoughtful designs cost more.

The judges commended Olivia’s community-based educational approach, the easy to source waste stream it tackles and that it would be easy to scale. The simple shapes make it both easily adapted for multiple sizes, and for others to DIY.