2023 Award Winner: KATHERINE CHOW

Transformation, renewal, connection

Winner: Award for Excellence from a Rising Talent

Transformation, renewal, connection breathes modernity and new life into obsolete parachutes.

Repurposed parachutes sourced from a local business offer a tangible example of sustainable innovation.

This parachute was considered waste due to wear and tear, fabric ageing, and environmental exposure, factors which affect the usability and safety of the parachute for its intended use. However the fabric is still strong and usable for other purposes.

Katherine’s outfit draws inspiration from the relentless athletes who redefine the limits of human potential, and the urgent need to repurpose and conserve. It seeks to celebrate and strengthen the bond between the land, the people, and the materials that have been given new life.

Through repurposing this technical material, the outfit aims to infuse a sense of the thrill experienced by extreme athletes into the garment.

It also serves as a reminder for those who wear and witness the pieces to be inspired to move towards responsible fashion practices and to respect and preserve the land.

Designed for low waste during construction, the repurposed parachute materials can also be recycled into new textile products at the end of this stage of their life.

The outfit’s multifunctional details symbolise the ever changing elements in nature, capturing the essence of uniqueness and creativity. These features give the outfit longevity and help to form a closer personal connection with the wearer.

Creation of the outfit is a collaborative endeavour that involves not just the designer but also local businesses and the wearer, sharing in the vision of sustainability.

The judges loved the innovative choice of material, and highlighted the clever way the design referenced its first life. The versatility of the garment gave it strong appeal.