2023 Award Winner: KARLIE MORROW

No Virgins Allowed

Winner: Award for Creative Excellence

This ensemble is a conversation starter masquerading as a free spirit.

Inspiration evolved from a single question regarding fake furs place in our world to re-visiting the optimism of youth. It references the subversiveness of punk, the free spirit of the flower power movement with a nod to the Māori feather cloak and the symbols for growth and togetherness. This ensemble represents a coming together of cultures, ideals and philosophies past and present to symbolise how we need to think about fashion’s future.

The designer sees fashion’s role in kaitiakitanga as utilising our existing resources and valuing what we already have.

The garment and accessories are made from 98% industry waste including unsaleable samples and household linen, and denim destined for landfill.

Rather than just cutting up old jeans, worn-out knees and ripped /stained denim has been deconstructed to create a yarn that can be knitted or crocheted, and used to create a faux fur/feather fabric with texture. Its 100% natural and fully circular.

The bag is decorated with the slogans of now, no dinosaurs (oil), no virgin (materials), break the rules and go off grain in a nod to patternmaking techniques.

The judges noted this outfit was fully resolved, showed original creativity in its innovative use of waste denim and showed an inclusive design function and aesthetic.