2023 Finalist: JOSH BOGNAR

Nothing going to waste

An impulsive urge to see nothing go to waste is the genesis of this outfit.

Working in the industry has given the designer access to often unrecognised waste streams. These materials have been sourced through current and previous workplaces. Offcut trouser hems from the shortening process made from denim, wool and suiting fabrics; and offcuts from the clippings of thread which happens during the embroidery process.

As little waste as possible has been created when constructing the garments, with pieces carefully placed together to avoid further waste. With the denim, the colour variation that occurs at the hem fold has been made into a feature to highlight that the garment is made from scraps with a past life. The merino cuttings have been transformed into a less conventional garment, but with commercial appeal, with the patchwork accentuated through contrast topstitching to highlight the process.

The padded bag uses mixed embroidery thread offcuts to create a down alternative, with the dimensions being defined by the organza fabric width to avoid any waste. While not as durable as desired the transparent nature highlights the offcut upcycling.

The pieces have been designed to be unique in nature, to allow the wearer to give it higher value and care. Natural materials have been chosen over synthetics to allow for easier recycling at end of life.