Circular Design Strategy 3 - Design for Longevity

Image: Unspun Custom Denim

Design for Longevity

Designing for longevity is a strategy to extend the use phase of products.

The common linear model of production and consumption for fashion and textiles can be extremely wasteful and often results in numerous negative environmental impacts. To design garments that withstand the test of time, it is critical for you to consider the use phase of your garment, which often presents unique design challenges. Whilst you cannot control how long the owner keeps a garment, you can work backwards to understand the reasons why people discard garments and mitigate them.

Things to consider:

  • How you can create long-lasting clothing, through use of good-quality materials and durable workmanship, ensuring good fit, and communicating clearly about the care instructions.
  • How you can create value for the wearer, through facilitating an emotional bond between the wearer and garment, and exploring business models that extend the active life of clothes.
  • What design decisions can you make so that repair and reuse options are available for your garment to keep them in use for longer?

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