Circular Design Strategy 1 - Design for Low Waste

Image: Carman Chan, Redress Finalist 2014. Photo Credit Tim Wong.

Learn about the different techniques you can use to Design for Low Waste.


Zero-waste is a design technique that aims to eliminates textile waste at the design stage.

The Redress Zero Waste Guide provides an overview of the zero-waste design techniques and why it is important for you to adopt this technique in your design work to minimise the environmental impact. You will learn different methods and approaches to zero-waste design from planning the pattern to the final execution.

Learn from designers such as Ada Zanditon, Daniel Silverstein and Alex Law, and how they incorporate this technique in their design.


Up-cycling is the transformation of materials into products of higher quality. It is a design technique that prolongs the life of textile waste through creativity.

Learn from fashion designers such as Orsola De Castro, Kevin Wan and Clémentine Sandner and how they up-cycle textile waste into fashion.


Reconstruction is a form of up-cycling and is the process of making new clothes from previously worn garments or preformed finished products. It is a design technique that gives unwanted garment a second life.

Learn from fashion designers such as Gary Harvey, Phee Ng, Swee Yee and Milch to get inspiration from their approaches to reconstruction.