Hannah Sharpe

Hannah Sharpe

Hannah is the Divisional Manager Growth and Digital at Deane Apparel.

During her time at Deane Apparel, Hannah has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the apparel industry, giving her a comprehensive understanding of all facets of the business, from design and concept creation to efficient manufacturing processes. Hannah is a vital member of the Sustainability Team, which spearheads initiatives to achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes.

Deane Apparel is a trusted supplier of uniforms to a wide range of businesses and industries across Australia and New Zealand. The company takes pride in integrating quality and sustainability into each garment it produces.

The pursuit of social responsibility and environmental stewardship is an enduring journey for Deane Apparel. Dedication to both people and the planet is an ongoing pursuit, evident in its commitment to garment circularity, sustainable fabric utilisation, reducing plastic/packaging waste, and establishing partnerships with indigenous organisations.

Ultimately, Deane Apparel aims to shape a better working world for future generations.